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Orthopedic | 72 year old | Female

She had a lumbar osteochondritis of a herniated intervertebral disk, which caused pain in lower back with tilts even after walking for more than 5 minutes. She was able to walk 3 km without pain a week after the treatment.

Sharon Tan

Cell Quest Member

“It was really an agony for me to even move any part of my body especially my legs for a few years until I discover about Stem Cell treatment. Thanks to Cell Quest for treating me and making it possible for me to have a very much improved quality of life!”

Stroke | 62 year old | Male

He suffered an Ischemic stroke resulting to paralysis on the left leg. With the infusion of MSC, the sensitivity of the left leg increased after 2 months of the treatment.

Alex Wong

Cell Quest Member

“After I got the stroke I thought I would be spending the rest of my life mostly on wheelchair and in bed. I nearly lost hope and will to live until I found Stem Cell. With Stem Cell, Cell Quest have healed me and now I can stand and walk like a normal person again!”

Psoriasis | 42 year old | Male

Psoriasis caused him red, itchy scaly patches on the leg. His skin condition improved 2 weeks after the treatment and there was no more joint soreness and itching skin.

Aidil Aziz

Cell Quest Member

“It was very uncomfortable to constantly having itchiness and joint soreness once you get psoriasis. Stem Cell treatment healed me; and Cell Quest is the best in providing it!”

Anti-Aging | 52 year old | Female

Infusion of Mesenchymel Stem Cells and every day applications with Cell Quest protocol skin range helped to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pores and sagging. Look youthful and boost skin elasticity. Disappearance of age spots.

Sarah Clark

Cell Quest Member

“Before I discovered about Stem Cell, I have spent a lot of time and money to look for products that can help me maintaining my face and skin. With Stem Cell and combined with everyday application of Cell Quest protocol skin care, now I always get that ‘you look younger’ remark!”


“The nurses at CellQuest are kind and caring. My health has improved more than expected. Highly Recommended.”
Alice Tan

“I heard about CellQuest from a friend. It has generally improved my energy levels and my skin looks glowing even after 1 week of first treatment. No regrets”
Simon Chen

“The doctor is clearly very experienced and his explanations were very clear. The experience was very enjoyable. Happy to inform that all the liver function has returned to normal. Amazing!”
Colin Wong

“No bad things to say about CellQuest, they are top notch at every corner and truly take care of us. We will come back.”

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