Our Protocol

The Cell Quest® protocol is the well-designed protocol to ensure that you will obtain the best results out of the procedure. It is the first developed of its kind and it utilizes a coordinated sequence which comprises of : thorough diagnosis and customized planning, pre-conditioning, the infusion, and lastly post-conditioning. We believe that the protocol is one of the first well-developed stem cell protocol for anti-aging.

Step 1 – Diagnotics & Customization

First we perform our diagnotics to determine the current state of your body. Only then can we customise the treatment for you. This is the only way to achieve maximum desired results.


A comprehensive body function test to assess your biological age and understand the condition of your body.


To identify potential cancerous list of diseases Treated by Stem Cells
and devise long term treatments to counter.


A detailed test designed to assist with the clinical management of hormones in both men and women.


Our experts will analyse all the test results and design a custom course of treatment to ensure optimum results

Step 2- Pre-Conditioning

Like a piece of land that needs the application of fertilisers before the seedling is planted into the ground, the body needs to be “Pre-Conditioned” prior to the infusion. At Cell Quest®, we have our own propietory and unique pre-conditioning protocol, which is designed specifically to your body’s needs. This method is what makes Cell Quest® different and revolutionary amongst its peers.


A proprietary blend of vitamins and antioxidative concoction to boost your body to its maximum and optimal state.


Best paired with the Body Booster, the therapy is designed to strengthen your body’s immune system.


A regiment to prepare the body to receive and enhance the results to the infusion

Step 3 – Stem Cell Infusion

The benefits of stem cell infusion therapy procedure focuses on extending your healthspan and quality of life through cutting-edge, regenerative cell therapy. Your body has its own stem cell reserves. By increasing the amount of stem cell in your body, it not only reduces all sorts of inflammation caused by deterioration due to ageing process, it rejuvenates by repairing all cells that may be damged by pollutants and stress. By slowing down the ageing process, you will feel the vitality and strength of a younger person for a much longer time. Imagine the quality of life this gives you in your later years!

Listen to Dr Kent Woo Explain Safety of Stem Cell Infusion


Stem Cell Infusion targets inflammation at a cellular level, may it be due to normal ageing or degenerative diseases. It can help your body heal and reverse the degenerative processes.


It is a powerful treatment to improve the conditions of specific organs, the highly-targeted therapy harnesses the growth factors of the particular organ and feeds it to them to stimulate cell regeneration and renewal.

Step 4- Post-Conditioning

To ensure that the infusion will continue to work as long and as best as it possibly can, Cell Quest® has developed our own propietory and unique post-conditioning protocol together with Immunevital® Labs. This will ensure maximum efficacy and benefit to your body.

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