What Is Cell Therapy?

Rejuvenation from a Cellular Level

These are exciting times. Never have we been closer to reversing the aging process and living longer than we have ever done as a humankind. The goal of cell therapy is to stimulate and accelerate cell rejuvenation and regeneration, thereby slowing down the natural process of ageing and counteracting chronic diseases. Harnessing the body’s natural abilities to heal and regenerate, cell therapy aims to counter the effects of modern day living and the endless stressors that affect our health in ways that we may not even be aware of.

At Cell Quest®, our goal is to enhance the body’s natural process of regeneration through cell therapy. Cells are firstly obtained through the patient’s own blood or umbilical stem cells. When the blood processing is complete, the cells are extracted and infused back into the patient where the regeneration, renewal and replenishment of the body takes place.

How Does It Benefit Me?

Holistic Approach to Wellness

In addition to delaying and reversing the deterioration of cells which leads to the development of diseases, cell therapy also encourages cell revitalisation and regeneration processes that benefit your body in the following ways:

Improved vitality
Stronger bones
Stronger immune system
Reduced Inflammation & Increase Healing
Enhanced energy levels
Stabilisation of mental power
Enhanced cardiovascular fitness
Relief from sore joints

As genetic make-up and health conditions differ from person to person, so does the effectiveness of cell therapy. To achieve optimum results, it is advisable for cell treatment to be supported by conscious diet and lifestyle choices for a complete and holistic approach to wellness.


Our Safety Standards

The medical protocols at Cell Quest® has been developed together with pioneering experts in the fields of biotechnology and medicine. This technology makes use of stem cells to replenish your reservoir and activate healing and stall the body’s degeneration. It is the safest and most effective procedure.
All cellular based products have been certified by the local governing bodies and all products used have been either approved by the U.S. FDA, Australian TGA and/or EU regulations.

Discover true freedom through cell rejuvenation

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