Not a common knowledge to many, IV Booster therapy in Malaysia had been present in the market since 1950s. This treatments are no stranger to VIPs and celebrities all over the world who seek to improve and maintain high level of energy, beauty and health. Our unique and proprietary blend of IV Fluids, Multivitamins, Antioxidants and Micronutrients will ensure that your body receives all the necessary ingredients to be revitalized and stay in optimum health.

There is considerable evidence that our current food source is less nutritious over time due to soil depletion and other factors. Not only that, the absorption rate of nutrients from food is never 100%; it is often affected by your lifestyle and health. IV (intravenous) therapy bypasses absorption and deliver 100% high concentrations of nourishing vitamins unattainable with the oral route. It is immediate, more efficient and fast. The effects can also last longer than any oral supplement; up to few weeks.

Absorption is completely bypassed! That means your gut doesn’t have to go to the work of breaking down food into its constituent vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids, your small intestine doesn’t have to pass them through its walls, your cells don’t have to seek out these molecules. IV therapy can help improve your energy levels, beauty and health.

The Ingredients

Types of IV Boosters

  • Body Booster – For health, general wellness & anti-aging.

  • Skin Booster – To improve overall skin health & elasticity.

  • Immune Booster – Improve immune system & fight off viruses.

  • Libido Booster – To improve sexual endurance & blood circulation.

  • Antioxidant Booster – Fight cancerous free radicals; for smokers & drinkers.

  • Recovery Booster – To aid recovery post surgery or injury.

  • Detox Booster – For energy, post party or strenous events.

  • Whitening Booster – To lighten skin naturally.

  • Vascular Booster – Blood circulation system enhancement.

  • Metabolic Booster – To aid weight loss / diabetes.

  • Vitamin C Booster – Aid to medical conditions and improve well being.

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