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Cell Quest® is managed by a Medical Wellness Group, which is collaboration between Woo Allergy Clinic and Immunevital® Labs. Immunevital® Labs is USA Based bio-technology company which focuses on creating the best medical grade supplements and products targeted for wellness and aesthetics. Woo Allergy Clinicis a respected and well-regarded immunology and allergy clinic within the region and is based in one of the world’s most prestigious medical instituitions, Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Cell Quest®is based several countries mainly in Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Mission And Vision

Our Mission

At Cell Quest®, our mission is to create the SAFEST & MOST EFFECTIVE protocol for enhanced health and anti-aging for our clients. We do this through our own patented protocol by using advanced integrative technologies and methods that reverse the causes of degeneration. Leveraging on the expertise of our leading experts, Cell Quest® aims to restore and optimise your body’s health and longevity through latest cellular therapies.

Our Vision

At Cell Quest®, we believe that enhancing the quality of life should begin at a cellular level. Our vision is not only to optimise the client’s health, but to reverse the body’s degeneration and deteoriation at a cellular level. We have it our highest calling to ensure that our clients live longer and fuller lives.

Our Promise

Discover true freedom through cell rejuvenation

We are here for you. Let us answer any queries you have relating to cell Rejuvenation Products and Stem Cell therapy technologies or our aesthetic & anti aging treatments

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