Stephanie Teong

Stephanie Teong


Stephanie graduated in a Master of Architecture  from the prestigious University of Melbourne, Australia.

As she has a keen interest the field of marketing, she also has attained several accreditations in both marketing and digital branding. She has over various periods in her life, been professionally involved in branding & marketing, writing, film, editorial, and graphic design.

Stephanie started her professional career as an architect working for large international firms. Eventually she founded TA Square Kuala Lumpur, which is a design consultancy which still runs till today with mainly projects in Malaysia and Cambodia.

In 2019, together with a group of visionaries, she became instrumental in the beginnings of Cell Quest Sdn Bhd. Together, they had a vision to bring ethical and effective anti-aging practices to ensure that their clients attain the highest quality treatment possible based on tomorrow’s technology. Their mission is to ensure the safety and efficacy of the anti-aging services through meticulous quality control and strict supervision of Dr. Kent Woo, Malaysia’s leading immunologist.

Other notable roles include her role as an advisory/investor in Goget, an on demand workforce technology based startup powered by a network of verified people.

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