Here at Cell Quest, under the design of Dr. Kent Woo, a leading immunologist in South East Asia, we have developed a international standard protocol that is superior to all other treatments in the market to day. We follow a 4-step protocol that allow us to mold the treatment to match the client’s needs and body’s requirement.

Through the 1st step, we diagnose and consult the client regarding the needs to improve their physical state. Then in the 2nd step (pre-conditioning) we prepare the body so that it is in its best state to receive the stem cell infusion. Imagine your body as a piece of land, and the act of pre-conditioning is like adding fertiliser to receive the seed (the stem cells). Only then we provide the stem cell infusion. The post conditioning is a combination of supplements and enhancers to ensure the best efficacy of the stem treatment so that the good benefits last longer.

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