Why People Are Using IV Drips For Glowing Skin

In terms of achieving an otherworldly glow, shortcuts are always welcome. There’s face masking, which is essentially 15 minutes to a brighter complexion. Chemical Peels and PRP treatment are two methods that clinics can offer. And now, there’s another major player on the field: IV drips… for your skin.

You typically think of the intravenous modality as a staple in hospitals for getting patients hydrated (or the more recent trend of using them to replenish key nutrients post-hangover)—but now, IV boosters are being administered as a quick way to get a skin boost.

Also these IV boosters are a much healthier option to other methods which is only skin deep, so to speak.

The good thing about IV drips is that they’re more bioavailable, you absorb them better, and you can typically take a higher dose because it’s not going through your digestive tract.

How IV Drips Work

Intravenous (IV) therapy delivers nutrients and fluids directly to your cells via your circulatory system. An IV needle is inserted into a vein, and the IV cocktail is slowly infused, drip-by-drip. Once they enter your bloodstream, vitamins and electrolytes in a saline solution are circulated quickly to depleted cells throughout your body, replenishing them so they can function at their best.

IV vitamin therapy takes about an hour. During your IV therapy session, you can relax, listen to music, read, scroll through social media or even get some work done! If you were dehydrated before your IV session, you will likely notice a difference right away. Think of what happens to your houseplants when you forget to water them — they wilt and eventually die.

The Way They Impact Your Skin

How can this be used for your glow, though? It’s actually beneficial in a myriad of ways. Anything you inject intravenously goes into your system and affects everything within you. How your skin looks is a reflection of how your body’s functioning—how every organ in the body is working.

It’s just like eating a nutritious diet for an inside-out glow—but faster (not that it obliterates the need for eating healthy food). People may not see the connection between certain organs and their skin, but, for example, a healthy liver is key for healthy skin. IV drips have more concentrated ingredients for detoxifying.

These skin-boosters people are injecting include a wide range of nutrients that you’re used to seeing in topical skin care and beauty supplements. Many of the skin-targeted drips contain minerals like magnesium and zinc, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C, all of which support healthy skin function. Others include amino acids, saline, and electrolytes.

Why This Might Be The Future Of Beauty

The appeal of using IV drips for beauty is that, besides delivering skin-boosting nutrients in larger amounts and more quickly than any other method, the results are pretty immediate. You see results really fast—within 24 hours your skin looks amazing. People do it regularly—the effects may last anywhere from few weeks to a month. Lots of actors and actresses will do an IV for their skin before an event because they look so much better.

They’re definitely making their way out of hospitals and into the world of wellness. It’s a medical, conventional way of reaching your internal organs to produce external results. It’s refined and it’s becoming a regular tool box of prevention, health, and beauty.

However, it is important to stress that you should see a qualified health care provider at a proper facility before embarking on any treatments.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Stem cell therapy treats the inflammation within by encouraging the reparative response of dysfunctional, injured, or diseased tissue. Researchers grow these cells in a laboratory where they undergo manipulation to specialize in particular kinds of cells, for instance, nerve, blood, or muscle cells.

This therapy is a relatively fast and simple outpatient procedure.

Cell Quest Protocols are led by Dr. Kent Woo, Malaysia’s Leading Immunologist, who practices in Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

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