Pop-up Perfumery.

Our Story.

It all started with a nose. A peculiar nose.

This nose goes through life noting scents, some of which are good, some of which are bad, but all representing a different memory. Whether its your first trip to Disneyland, your first kiss, your last whiff of a love one, scents are embedded deep into your consciousness.

Every scent you have ever smelt, whether you know it or not, sticks to you for the rest of your life. Most of the time subconsciously.

What does this nose hate? Synthetic smells. Fake-so-sweet-sick-to-your-stomach scents, designed to fool you, and to make you think that you have bought an expensive and authentic experience. Designed to invade your senses while your skin absorbs chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. Even the most expensive modern perfumes have synthetic chemicals in them. Why? Lowered costs, more profits. Dirty little secrets that the perfume industry so gleefully leave out when you see another celebrity endorsed perfume ad on daytime tv.

One day, the nose has had enough.

After pouring through ancient books of perfumery, hunting down dozens of different perfume samples and poking our noses (pardon the pun) into them, we concocted the few most remarkable scents.

What does  Q A B U S  mean?

Q A B U S  can be said to derive from the Malay word “kabus” meaning mist. Like the mist, it may be fleeting, and yet it envelopes you. The name, despite its likeness to the word, is intentionally asemic. This reflects the intention of the perfumier themselves, who wants the wearer to derive their own meaning of the scent itself.

Q A B U S  is a collection of scents, discovered by the meticulous hunt for the subjective perfect scent. Everyone is different, so naturally, our tastes differ.

Q A B U S  pledges to always make perfumes with old world methods, no synthetic chemicals, and all organic ingredients.

Q A B U S  pledges to never advertise. Your loyalty will only speak for its quality. Your patronage only goes back into the finest ingredients, the R&D to create finer scents.

Q A B U S  pledges to minimise our carbon footprint by consciously not using plastic packaging. Packaging is kept to bare minimum.

The pursuit will never end.  Because life lives on, and so do the scents that define every moment of your life.

Q a b u s  | 3.03 click here.

Q a b u s  | 10.02 click here.

Q A B U S  | 3.03

Composed of the rarest raw materials, 3.03 is born out of a desire to create a sensual feminine scent. The interpretation includes characteristic gourmand citrus notes with an additional dose of musk, which envelops the whole fragrance and gives it a powdery and creamy character. Musk utilizes a soft, sensual aura to create a second skin effect.

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