Stem Cell Therapy for Post-Covid Syndrome


What is Post-Covid syndrome?

It is defined as symptoms that last for more than 3 weeks. Whereas, chronic post COVID syndrome is when symptoms have lasted for more than 12 weeks. The most common post-COVID symptoms include tiredness, shortness of breath, problems with smell, muscle aches, sleeping problems and mood issues.

In 2020, a survey was run by a citizen’s scientist group (The Patient-Led Research Collaborative). It showed that many patients experience prolonged COVID-19 symptoms. The research survey found that  these symptoms may last for MANY MONTHS and disrupt work activities and affect quality of life. 

It is estimated that even up to 35% of patients that have mild COVID infection that were not hospitalised WILL develop these post-COVID symptoms. For those that have to be hospitalized for their COVID infection, up to 80% of them will develop post-COVID symptoms!

What causes Post-Covid syndrome?

Most current research reveals that the COVID-19 infection triggers systemic inflammation. This causes the tissue and organ damage and that can lead to death.

So what causes this Post-COVID syndrome?  Essentially, the initial COVID viral infection has resolved but the immune system is still generating inflammation. That means, even if you have recovered from COVID, your health may still continue to deteriorate.

How to treat it

Right now, there are no specific recommended medical treatments that can be offered to post-covid syndrome.

The most promising treatment strategy is to use Mesenchymal Stem Cells to help with reduction of underlying inflammation as well as providing healing signals to the body to recover. 

MSC stem cells treatment has been shown to help in even SEVERE COVID with a most recent well designed study conducted in USA showing up to 75% reduction of mortality! There are also numerous other studies showing that MSC stem cells can help in other inflammatory and autoimmune disease, such as stroke patients, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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